Artist Statement for Abstract Works

I’m interested in the physicality of what makes up our material world. The focus on tangible subjects in my work represents our fleeting lives and all the tribulations in which we live and die. Through the use of physical materials I reference the creation and expiration of ourselves. In some ways the physicality of everyday objects and materials changes over time just like our bodies. The use and abuse we go through is a major contributor to how long we will last, and this holds true within my work as well.

My explorations in this idea delve into how certain materials handle the processes of deterioration and wear. Depending on the physical properties of the material, some may simply show scars or imprints of their past, whereas others may be weakened to the point of fragility, barely able to hold together against the weight of themselves. While certain materials may withstand the treatment better than others, they all wind up beautifully marked, corroded, and blemished in their own way. Through the process of deterioration and the mishandling of my work, every mark becomes a road map to each piece’s past. They show evidence of a life lived, and the wear they obtain shows more presence and proof of existence than a perfected piece of material.

Composition II (2)